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Clean Up America is a small American business dedicated to offering products which provide sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.  Clean Up America produces and distributes the Sanitizer™ Toilet,  a compact, non-polluting, waterless, self-contained, evaporative toilet which reduces human waste to a lightweight, odorless, sanitized form without the use of water or chemicals. CUA also distributes the Enviro Loo, or “Eloo“, another non-polluting, waterless, evaporative toilet system which has been used worldwide as an effective solution to the sanitation challenges presented across the globe.

Eloo Evaporative Toilet Solar Driven Waterless Toilet

Both systems are innovative non-discharge dry sanitation systems which can be used wherever sanitation is needed, without water and without polluting the environment.  These alternative toilets can be used in a wide variety of locations, including hunting and fishing cabins, parks, schools, acreages, camps, public buildings, military outposts and training areas, areas of natural disasters, shoreline settings, recreational fields, municipal public sites, as a way of resting failing septic systems, in combination with graywater systems, and anywhere else that a commode or privy is needed.   The Eloo and the Sanitizer™ are environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and can be used wherever bucket, pit, chemical, or composting toilets or port-a-potties might be used.