The Sanitizer Evaporative Toilet™

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The Sanitizer Evaporative Toilet™ is a compact (24” l x 17” w x 20” h) self-contained toilet that is ideal for homes, buildings, recreational vehicles, and other locations where traditional sanitation is unavailable or impractical.  The Sanitizer’s™ small size makes it easy to locate it exactly where a toilet is most needed, and it requires no water or chemicals, no sewage or drain hookups, and no pumping or dumping!   The Sanitizer™ reduces human waste to a lightweight, odorless, sanitized form that is easily and safely discarded with household trash – in fact, safer than baby diapers and kitty litter boxes.  It is easy to install and maintain, and it is an ideal solution wherever traditional sanitation is unavailable or impractical, such as:

  • new residences
  • apartments or homes with outdated or faulty sewer systems
  • cabins, camps, boathouses, and other recreational sites
  • military bases, outposts, and training areas
  • natural disaster areas, where sanitation is crucial and conventional systems are compromised
  • recreational vehicles, boats, and emergency response vehicles.sanitizer-edit-draweropen

The Sanitizer™ is the ideal waterless toilet.  Read more here to learn how the Sanitizer is the best waterless system available!

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The Sanitizer™ is manufactured in the United States (Patent No. 9,301,659 B1) and can be customized for unique circumstances.  Please email or call for a quote or more information on how The Sanitizer™ can serve you!

Download our Sanitizer™ brochure!

Questions?  Check out The Sanitizer™ FAQ page!