Why The Sanitizer™ Evaporative Toilet Is Best

There are four main categories of waterless toilets and sanitation systems on the market. These include portable toilets, frequently seen at construction sites; vault toilets, often found in large parks; composting toilets; and evaporative sanitation systems.

So why is The Sanitizer™ Evaporative Toilet best? What makes it so special?

The Sanitizer™ (Patent No. 9,301,659 B1) embodies the entire dream for the waterless toilets

  • waterless
  • no chemicals
  • no odors
  • large capacity
  • minimal maintenance
  • kills harmful bacteria
  • power versatility
  • simple to install
  • small and light weight
  • functional in freezing climates
  • environmentally friendly

The search has always been for a toilet that would fit all of these specifications. So far The Sanitizer™ is the only product that does.

The Sanitizer™ is an appliance that dries and sanitizes solids, evaporates liquids, using air flow and short bursts of heat. The treated matter is disposed of in the household trash.  The unit weighs 43 pounds, needs only to be vented, plugged in and is ready to use. It is mobile, works off of 120 volt wall plugs, generators and solar power. No special type of toilet paper is needed, there is no composting, no fire, and there are no chemicals or water. The user will simply empty the waste pan every few days.

Liquid and solid human waste is subjected to constant air flow instantly beginning the drying process by drawing air in from under the toilet seat, down and out the vent.

When the waste pan is full it is removed by opening the drawer and removing the waste pan and safely discarding it in the trash.

The Sanitizer™ features include:

  • Very small and light weight –  25″ x 17″ x 21″ and 43 lbs.
  • Strong quiet air flow
  • No odor due to killing the bacteria and constant venting
  • Easy installation – just connect the vent pipe and plug in the unit
  • Conserves water and is non-polluting to the environment
  • Lab tested to meet or exceed health safety standards
  • The heating element is controlled with a timer.

The Sanitizer™ safety features include:

  • A Ground Force Inhibitor (GFI) prevents electricity arcing
  • The timer holds the temperature when the heater is on and lower than what is required to burn paper
  • Waste matter is sanitized and the pathogens are rendered harmless or killed, as confirmed by lab tests
  • A toilet seat safety latch
  • Waterless means it truly does not use water. The Sanitizer™ evaporates liquids and dries and shrinks solids.  No chemicals whatsoever are used. There is nothing to add, turn or fuss with.

There is no smell because odor is generated by bacteria and, when they are killed, there is no odor. Harmful bacteria are killed with heat, thus the name “The Sanitizer™”.  The Sanitizer™ evaporates liquids and dries and shrinks solids. The frequency with which waste is removed depends upon the number of uses. The average family of four will dispose of the processed sanitized waste every few days. This is accomplished by removing the waste pan through the convenient drawer in the unit and emptying it in the household trash.

The unit draws in air under the seat and the fan runs 24/7 to ensure drying and venting. It is versatile and can run on conventional 110 household current, solar or generated power.

If there is danger of flooding, The Sanitizer™ can be taken to higher ground.  Just empty, unplug and transport it. The unit weighs about 43 pounds. It simply needs to be vented – either attaching it to an existing vent or venting through an outside wall, window or roof.

The manufacturer offers a complete warranty for two years.  If The Sanitizer™ malfunctions and cannot be corrected through telephone customer service, it will be replaced by a new one, provided the user cleans and ships back the malfunctioning unit.

The Sanitizer™ is the human sanitation system of the future. It can be used anywhere that humans need convenient and comfortable sanitation facilities such as boats, house boats, boathouses, recreational vehicles, cabins, flatbed trailers, homes, offices, and parks. The Sanitizer™ does not discharge waste into the ground, rather it evaporates and sanitizes the waste.